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Sea Creatures

Smallest Sea Creatures

Levels of the Ocean
Five Major Oceans
Largest Sea Creatures in the World
Smallest Sea Creatures
Most Dangerous Sea Creatures
Sand Dollars

  • They are the smallest creatures in the sea
  • Zooplankton are microscopic invertebrate animals that swim or drift in water
  • They are the base of the food chain
  • Their sizes range from one-tenth of a millimeter to four millimeters (smaller than the head of a pin)
  • They are found in freshwater reservoirs, ponds, and streams
  • Adult females lay different types of eggs, depending on the season and whether the pond is likely to dry soon
  • Most zooplankton are filter feeders, using their appendages to strain bacteria and algae and other fine particles in the water
  • Others are predators, feeding on smaller zooplankton
  • Zooplankton can reproduce rapidly, increasing populations by about 30 percent a day
  • They reach maturity quickly and live shortly
  • Fish prefer to eat the more visible and larger zooplankton, thus the fish that live away from fish in ponds are much larger