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Sea Creatures

Levels of the Ocean

Levels of the Ocean
Five Major Oceans
Largest Sea Creatures in the World
Smallest Sea Creatures
Most Dangerous Sea Creatures
Sand Dollars


           The top layer of the ocean is the epipelagic layer and it extends from the surface to 200 meters (656 feet). It is the zone that is most visible to light.
            Next is the mesopelagic layer and it extends from 200 meters to 1000 meters (3281 feet). This layer is also knownas the twilight zone or the midwater zone. The light is very faint in this region of water. This is the zone where you might start to see some very bizarre sea creatures.
             The next layer is the bathypelagic zone. It extends from 1000 meters to down to 4000 meters (13,124 feet). Here the only visible light is produced by the creatures themselves. The water pressure in this layer is immense, but alot of creatures are found here. Most of the animals at this level are black or red in color due to the lack of light.
               The next layer is called the abyssopelagic layer. It extends from 4000 meters to 6000 meters (19,686 feet). The water temperature is near freezing, and there is no light at all. Very few creatures can be found in these depths. Most of them are basket stars and tiny squids.
             Beyond all of these zones is the deepest layer of the ocean. That zone is the hadalpelagic level. It extends from 6000 meters to 10000 meters (32,810 feet). Even though the temperatures are freezing and the pressure is unimaginable there are still starfish and tube worms that make their home down in this chilling level.