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Sea Creatures

Five Major Oceans

Levels of the Ocean
Five Major Oceans
Largest Sea Creatures in the World
Smallest Sea Creatures
Most Dangerous Sea Creatures
Sand Dollars

The five major oceans in this planet are the Atlantic, the Arctic, the Indian, the Pacific, and the Southern oceans.
The Atlantic Ocean is considered a passive margin ocean with most of its activity centered along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The Aatlantic covers an area of 82 million square kilometers. It has an average depth of 36,000 meters.
The Arctic Ocean is a smooth, pale-blue layer of polar pack ice with jagged chunks of floating ice. It has an area of 12 million square kilometers and it is known as the smallest ocean. It is five times smaller than the Indian and Atlantic Oceans.
The Indian Ocean covers 73 million square kilometers and the average depth of the Indian Ocean is 3,890 meters.
The Pacific Ocean is the world's largest geographic feature. It covers more than 166 million square kilometers which is about one-third of the earth's surface.
The Southern Ocean which was designated as such in 2000, is a body of water that lies between 60 degrees south latitude and the Antarctica coastline. This ocean is the fourth largest.